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Best Websites for Online Flower Delivery for All Occasions

Best Websites for Online Flower Delivery UK

Find the Perfect Online Flower Delivery Service for Every Occasion

Whether you’re expressing your love on Valentine’s Day, celebrating Mother’s Day, or conveying messages of condolence or congratulations, flowers are a timeless way to show someone you care. They’re particularly ideal if you find yourself in a last-minute rush, as the best flower delivery services offer same or next day delivery on a wide selection of stunning bouquets and convenient letterbox flowers. The only challenge is deciding which online florist is the right fit for you.

With an abundance of options, from elegant red roses to whimsical wild blooms, fresh seasonal market flowers, and even charming ‘brown bouquets’ of dried flowers, there is a vast variety to choose from. You can explore and shop for affordable bouquets that suit your taste and budget.

To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve gathered our thoughts on various flower delivery websites below. Take a look and discover the perfect online florist to make your floral gift truly memorable.

In this blog, we will share with you:

Flower Station: Exquisite Hand-Tied Bouquets Delivered with Care

Flower Station Summer Love

Flower Station specialises in creating stunning hand-tied bouquets that are customised to suit your loved one’s preferences. The bouquets are meticulously crafted by experienced florists, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

The flowers used are sourced directly from sustainable farms and growers worldwide, meeting the Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) standards. This commitment ensures sustainability and fair working conditions.

What sets Flower Station apart is the longevity of the bouquets, often surpassing their advertised lifespan. For those in London, there are exceptional round-the-clock delivery options available.

Please note that deliveries outside of London are limited to Tuesday-Saturdays, and there might be slight variations in stem count compared to what is shown on the website.

Choose Flower Station for hand-tied bouquets that reflect care and consideration in every arrangement.

Serenata Flowers: Affordable and Varied Selection of Bouquets

Serenata Flowers Flowers Blooming All Summer

Discover Serenata Flowers, your go-to destination for affordable and diverse bouquet options. With a clever array of filters, their website allows you to search by colour and even find bouquets under £30. Whether you’re looking for hand-tied bouquets or subscription flowers, you’ll find something that matches your taste and budget.

What sets Serenata Flowers apart is the accuracy of their website listings. Reviews online find that the received bouquets perfectly matched the descriptions, which include detailed information about the number of stems and varieties included. Timely delivery is another standout feature, and you can even place orders up to three months in advance.

Price Range: £27.99 – £54.99.
Letterbox Options: Yes.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Free flower delivery (Monday to Sunday), premium courier delivery.

Explore Serenata Flowers today and discover an affordable and convenient way to send beautiful bouquets for any occasion.

Flying Flowers: Affordable Bouquets That Exceed Expectations

Flying Flowers Affordable Bouquets That Exceed Expectations

Discover Flying Flowers, where you can find plenty of cheer without breaking the bank, as most bouquets come in at under £40. Plus, the savings continue with free delivery options.

One of the highlights is the impressive longevity of the flowers. They outlive their promised seven-day flower freshness by a remarkable 10 days. Additionally, the website is easy to navigate and order from, offering a seamless shopping experience. Not to mention, the prices are great!

While some reviews mention that the bouquets appeared slightly smaller than expected based on the online pictures, the flowers are well protected during transit with the use of plastic packaging.

Price Range: £25 – £43.
Letterbox Options: Yes.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Seven days a week, DPD tracked or standard Royal Mail.

Explore Flying Flowers today and discover affordable bouquets that go above and beyond expectations. Enjoy beautiful blooms delivered to your doorstep with excellent value and convenience.

Prestige Flowers: Beautiful Bouquets Delivered with Care

Prestige Flowers Beautiful Bouquets Delivered with Care

Discover Prestige Flowers, where stunning bouquets that look just as amazing in person as they do online are a guarantee. The flowers are securely packaged to ensure they arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition.

The website offers an extensive selection of browsing options, making it easy to find the perfect flower bouquets for any occasion, whether it’s birthday gifts or seasonal offerings. We navigated the website effortlessly and found it to be user-friendly.

One of the highlights of Prestige Flowers is the availability of great offers, allowing you to find the ideal bouquet at a price that suits every budget. Whether you’re in need of birthday flowers, sympathy flowers, thank you flowers, or anniversary bouquets, Prestige Flowers has something special for everyone, catering to all budgets.

Price Range: £19.99 – £99.99.
Letterbox Options: Yes.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Next day delivery, seven days a week.

Experience the beauty of Prestige Flowers and have stunning bouquets delivered to your doorstep with care. Explore their collection today and find the perfect floral arrangement to make any occasion extra special.

Freddie’s Flowers: Personalised Subscriptions and Thoughtfully Chosen Bouquets

Freddie's Flowers Personalised Subscriptions and Thoughtfully Chosen Bouquets

With prices ranging from £25 to £55, Freddie’s Flowers is known as the top-rated flower subscription service, scoring great reviews on Trustpilot. The flexibility of their subscription is a standout feature, allowing you to tailor the service to your preferences. However, note that the selection for one-off gift boxes is more limited.

What sets Freddies’ Flowers apart is the personal touch they bring to the experience. The website, featuring handwritten fonts and images of Freddie assembling the letterbox flowers, creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. It feels like a personal connection, as if Freddie himself hand-delivers every bunch of flowers. Each week, you receive a thoughtfully chosen bouquet, curated based on the season. Every customer receives the same flowers, as Freddie’s Flowers works directly with growers and picks flowers to order, reducing waste. Furthermore, all deliveries are carbon neutral.

Their flower subscription service offers between 10 and 15 stems per week, starting at £25 and including a free vase with the first order. You have the flexibility to skip weeks, personalize the frequency to every fortnight or even a monthly treat, and pause or cancel the subscription as needed. Recently, Freddie’s Flowers introduced one-off gift boxes, featuring a simplified range of four bouquets to choose from each week. Available in mini, classic, and showstopper sizes, these bouquets showcase the freshest seasonal flowers. The stems arrive in bud and have a lifespan of two weeks or more.

Experience the personal touch of Freddie’s Flowers today, where personalized subscriptions and thoughtfully chosen bouquets bring a touch of joy to your home.

Interflora: Local Handcrafted Bouquets Delivered with Care

Interflora Local Handcrafted Bouquets Delivered with Care

When it comes to flower delivery, Interflora is a name that cannot be missed. Unlike a single company, Interflora is an extensive network of national and international florists, with over 900 florists in the UK alone. This network allows for quick delivery almost anywhere, with options for next-day, same-day, and even three-hour delivery.

As each bouquet from Interflora is made and delivered locally, there may be more variation in the final product compared to other services. A standout feature is the personal touch of hand-written gift cards, ensuring correctly spelled messages. Interflora also offers delivery far and wide, catering to various locations.

While the website may not have extensive filters, Interflora offers some bouquets tailored to allergies or personal preferences, such as lily and rose-free options. However, it would be beneficial to have more detailed care instructions included with the bouquets.

Interflora allows the florist to choose specific flowers based on the ordered bouquet type, such as a handcrafted spring bouquet or a pastel gift box. You can add requirements and provide details about the recipient and the occasion, giving a personalized touch to each order.

Although roses are the only single variety available, the selection of bouquets is stunning. For example, the Luxury Mother’s Day Bright Bouquet features tulips, carnations, narcissi, mimosa, and small-head roses, arranged beautifully by a local florist on the same day. Supporting a local business added to the positive experience.

While Interflora may seem like the ‘corporate’ choice, their prices are fair, resembling what a florist would charge in person. The website covers a wide range of occasions, including letter arrangements for funerals. It also offers an easy way to send flowers abroad, perfect for sending anniversary wishes to friends celebrating in a hotel.

Price Range: £40 – £200.
Letterbox Options: No.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Next-day, same-day, and future deliveries available Monday to Saturday. Delivery passes are also offered for reduced costs.

Choose Interflora for local handcrafted bouquets delivered with care, providing a wide range of options for all your flower-gifting needs.

Appleyard London: Luxurious Flower Arrangements for Every Occasion

Appleyard London Luxurious Flower Arrangements for Every Occasion

When it comes to luxury flower arrangements, Appleyard Flowers is the perfect choice. With an extensive selection of exquisite blooms, they offer a wide variety of options to suit every taste. From classic roses to exotic orchids and hydrangeas, their flowers are meticulously chosen to ensure the highest quality. Plus, with nationwide delivery available, sending your flowers exactly where they need to go is effortless.

One standout feature is the Appleyard Privilege program, which offers free tracked delivery for a whole year at just £12. You can easily make your money back in just over two orders, making it ideal for frequent flower buyers. The stunning and balanced look of their flowers has been praised by our panel, making them well worth sending.

Appleyard London also impresses with its amazing seasonal selection of flowers. The longevity of their blooms is remarkable, with recipients enjoying them for up to 17 days. Detailed care instructions and plant food ensure the flowers arrive safely and can be properly maintained.

It’s important to note that there are postcode restrictions and further limitations around special occasions. However, in London, same-day delivery is available, providing added convenience. Be sure to check the delivery options for your desired date and destination before browsing.

Price Range: £19.99 – £229.99.
Letterbox Options: Yes.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Same-day delivery in London, next-day delivery nationwide.

Choose Appleyard London for luxurious flower arrangements that make a statement for any occasion. With their stunning selection and reliable delivery options, you can trust Appleyard London to deliver a floral experience that exceeds expectations.

Bunches: Convenient and Thoughtful Flower Delivery

Bunches Convenient and Thoughtful Flower Delivery

Discover Bunches.co.uk, the go-to brand for convenient next-day flower delivery, available seven days a week for just £2.99. This makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a quick solution for last-minute gifting. The website offers helpful filters for occasions, flower types, and colours, and provides various payment options, including PayPal and Google Pay.

One of the standout features of Bunches is the care instructions that accompany their bouquets. They not only provide general care guidance but also offer detailed instructions specific to each flower species included. Additionally, you can earn discounts through their ‘Posy Points’ loyalty program with every purchase.

Bunches, a family business established in 1989, has sold over seven million bouquets to date. Their success can be attributed to their well-thought-out combinations of tried and tested stems, such as carnations with freesias, lilies with roses, and an array of alstroemeria. These internationally-grown stems come with a seven-day freshness guarantee.

We ordered the Florist’s Choice bouquet (£29.50), which features a mix of fresh seasonal blooms. The result was a stunning and abundant arrangement that graced our kitchen table beautifully. The flowers arrived fresh and vibrant, matching the colours showcased in the online photo.

The Bunches website is user-friendly, allowing you to easily navigate through their offerings. You can filter products based on occasions, flower types, and colours. They even provide a live chat system, ensuring prompt assistance from their team. Overall, Bunches exemplifies a successful British family business.

Price Range: £20 – £48.50.
Letterbox Options: Yes.
Subscription Available: Yes.
Delivery Options: Next-day delivery or guaranteed courier delivery.

Experience the convenience and thoughtfulness of Bunches’ flower delivery service. With their wide range of options, including letterbox bouquets and subscriptions, you can easily find the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion. Trust Bunches to deliver fresh and beautiful blooms to your loved ones.


Q: What’s the best website for sending flowers online?
A: There are several great websites where you can send flowers online, such as Interflora, Flower Station, and Bunches.

Q: Is there an app for sending flowers to someone?
A: Yes, there are apps like Bloom & Wild, Floward Online Flowers & Gifts, and Floom that make it easy to send flowers using your phone.

Q: What’s the most popular flower in the world?
A: The rose is often considered the most popular flower globally, admired for its beauty and symbolism.

Q: How can I send flowers to someone in the UK without spending too much money?
A: To save money on sending flowers in the UK, you can look for deals on flower delivery websites, use discount codes, or opt for local florists that offer budget-friendly options.

Q: Which app is the least expensive for delivering flowers?
A: The cost of flower delivery can vary, but some affordable flower delivery apps include Bouqs, From You Flowers, and Teleflora.

Q: How can I make sure I don’t spend too much when sending flowers?
A: To save money on flower delivery, you can choose smaller bouquets, opt for seasonal flowers, and consider local florists who may offer better prices.

Q: Why do flowers from the supermarket cost less?
A: Supermarket flowers are often less expensive because they are produced in large quantities and may have simpler packaging compared to those sold by florists.

Q: Are real flowers cheaper than fake ones?
A: In the long run, real flowers can be more expensive than fake ones because they have a limited lifespan, whereas artificial flowers can be reused. However, initial costs for real flowers might be lower.

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