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Discover 5 active discount codes, coupons, promotional offers, vouchers, and deals in the UK for July 2024.


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Your Toqen tips!

Always use approved codes found on the Toqen website to earn Toqens on your purchase!
Never ever use a code found on another website through Toqen as this will invalidate any Toqens you can earn! You can’t cheat the system!
Disable your AdBlocker when using Toqen to help with tracking your purchases.
Clear your browser cookies before shopping with Toqen!

Special Terms & Conditions

Toqens will not be earned on any business to business purchases.
Toqens will not be earned on purchases made with gift cards.
Toqens will not be earned when using this retailer specific Credit Card.
Please see the retailer’s standard terms and conditions for more information on your purchase as shown on their website.

What else do I need to know?

The Toqens you earn are calculated excluding delivery charges.
Toqens will not be earned on any pay online collect in store orders, unless specifically stated with the retailer.
Toqens may not be earned on purchases made using discounts such as student or staff discounts.
To receive your Toqens you must only use voucher codes posted and approved by Toqen.

More useful info!

Information shown here from time to time may be out of date.
The amounts of Toqens you earn are subject to change both up and down.
The amount of purchases that can be made while earning Toqens may be limited.
Transactions on Toqen are usually confirmed within a month and Toqens should be available within your Toqen account within 30 to 60 days after the purchase date.
Toqens are only given on transactions completed immediately and wholly online.
Please do not base your buying decisions upon expected Toqens and rewards as they are not guaranteed.
We will chase untracked Toqens but reserve the right to stop enquiries at any time.

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