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Keter City 113L Storage Box Review

6 minute read

Keter City 113L Storage Box Review

Keter City 113L Storage Box: Top Balcony Solution?

As we were looking to tidy up our smallish balcony space, we stumbled upon the Keter City Outdoor Storage Box and were intrigued by its 113L capacity. Tucked away in this unassuming grey, wood-effect container is a surprisingly spacious interior. We found its assembly straightforward after reading the instructions as they were clear – it simply clicked into place within minutes, no tools required.

We’ve tested the storage box extensively, exposing it to various weather conditions now and can confirm its weather-proof claims hold up – everything inside remains dry and well ventilated. No funny smells. Its compact size is a little deceptive, as it easily houses our array of planting tools and games, and blends in nicely with our outdoor décor and chairs.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the resin material is robust for daily use, it may not withstand rough handling. The box has a neat appearance and the wood-panel effect adds to a a good looking storage solution.

Bottom Line

Our experience with the Keter City Outdoor Storage Box has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a practical solution for those seeking to declutter and protect their outdoor belongings without sacrificing style. We especially appreciate its eco-friendly construction – a thoughtful touch for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Whether you need a spot to store your boots or a place for your garden accessories at the end of the day, this storage box fits the bill.

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Keter City 113L Storage Box Overview

When we first laid eyes on the Keter City storage box, its decorative wood effect panels immediately blended in with the outdoor setting. With a large 113-litre capacity, it’s been a delight for storing our cushions, tools and various accessories, keeping them ventilated and dry. Its compact form makes it a perfect fit for our small balcony.

Despite its plastic construction, the storage box doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. The weather-resistant, maintenance-free build saves us from any extra hassle. We assembled it in about 5 minutes straight out of the box, no tools required – just clicking the panels together following the simple instruction sheet.

We’ve found the weathertight, lockable lid to be snug and effective – our contents have stayed dry even during downpours the last few months. While it’s not the largest storage solution available, its size is suitable for our basic garden needs and it’s sturdy enough for daily use.

Given our experience with the product, there are areas where it could improve – the resin material could be thicker for enhanced durability if you are keeping it out in the garden and moving it around. Yet, considering the convenience and the good look it offers, it’s a great option for anyone with limited outdoor space and budget.

Weatherproof and Maintenance-Free Design

In our testing of the Keter City storage box, we were immediately struck by its resilience in diverse weather conditions. This unit’s hard-wearing resin construction exhibited no signs of wear when exposed to rain and sun for an extended period, living up to its weatherproof reputation. Its wood-effect style remained fade-free, thanks to the UV-resistant materials used.

We also appreciated the storage box’s zero maintenance needs. Unlike wooden alternatives that often require painting or treating to ward off the elements over time, this box needed no such attention. It stayed looking as good as the day it was assembled, which, incidentally, took us only 5 minutes.

Although perfect for small balconies and confined spaces, keep in mind the storage capacity is limited to 113 litres, which is ample for a selection of cushions or gardening tools but not for bulkier items. The lockable feature adds a level of security, but just so you know – the lock is not included.

Overall, the product’s durability, combined with its straightforward maintenance, really sets it apart for those looking for a convenient and easy outdoor storage solution.

Effortless Assembly and Portability

We got our hands on the Keter City 113L storage box designed for small outdoor spaces. Straight out of the box, piecing it together was a breeze. The flat-pack delivery meant convenience from the start. With just a handful of panels that intelligently clip together, we didn’t need any tools or complicated fittings – a real plus for us.

Most garden storage solutions are clunky and cumbersome, but not this one. We couldn’t have a solid one piece as it would be too difficult to move around. This choice is incredibly lightweight which means it was as easy to move around as it was to assemble. Whether it’s to accommodate new patio arrangements or simply to chase the shade as a useful table top, we found that repositioning the box didn’t require any heavy lifting.

As a piece of garden furniture that doubles as a storage solution, we’re pretty impressed with its practicality. Despite it being small, it holds quite a bit – ideal for keeping those garden games and various accessories dry and ready to use. However, we did note that its modest dimensions may not suit everyone’s needs.

Water-resistant and sporting that neat wood-effect panelling, Keter’s offering excels in blending aesthetics with functionality. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with maintenance-free and fade-resistant material was undeniable. It suiting our balcony just perfectly is a testament to its neat design.

All in all, from a smooth assembly process to the ease of moving it around, we’ve found it a fine addition for those of us with restricted outdoor space, seeking a no-fuss garden storage solution.

Space-Efficient Storage Solution

A person opens a Keter City 113L Storage Box on a balcony, revealing its spacious interior. The box is sleek and stylish, blending seamlessly with the outdoor decor. Nearby, potted plants add a touch of greenery, enhancing the balcony's ambiance.

We recently had the chance to try out the Keter City storage box, and we’re pretty impressed with how it’s been a game changer for optimising space – especially for those of us with smaller gardens or balconies. The 113L capacity is deceiving, it can hold a number of items while keeping them dry and ventilated, thanks to its weather-resistant design.

The box is incredibly easy to set up, taking no more than a few minutes to get it ready for use – no tools or complicated assembly required. Though you could check YouTube for a video if you are unsure. Its compact dimensions fit snugly in any restricted space without compromising on storage volume. And we can vouch for its durability, even after being exposed to different weather conditions, there’s no sign of wear or fading.

We feel the maintenance-free aspect is a real plus – you won’t find us cleaning or treating the material as we would with a traditional wooden box. However, keep in mind that while it’s sturdy, it may not handle extreme weights or rough use as some more rugged models would. But for everyday storage needs, it holds up well – literally a ‘set and forget’ kind of product.

Eco-Friendly Material Composition

When we consider the impact of our purchases on the environment, we’re often faced with a trade-off between use and sustainability. However, with the Keter City storage box, this isn’t the case. This compact and stylish solution for outdoor clutter is crafted from a remarkable 96% recycled resin. We’ve found that not only does it offer a practical storage option, it also aligns with our eco-conscious values. And that is truly amazing.

The wood panel effect of the box is decorative, yet it’s reassuring to know these aesthetics don’t come at an environmental cost. Its weatherproof and maintenance-free qualities are a result of this sustainable resin, which has proven to be fade-free as well. This durability suggests a long-lasting product life which, in turn, reduces the need for frequent replacements and the potential waste associated with it.

The Keter City box also highlights a commitment to keeping our belongings ventilated and dry without relying on new, resource-intensive materials. Such attention to eco-friendly manufacturing by Keter offers us peace of mind, knowing that our choice for garden storage contributes positively to the planet’s wellbeing. The fact that there’s zero maintenance required only adds to the feel-good factor.

In terms of responsibility, the Keter City storage box stands out as a prime example of how everyday products can be both functional and kind to the environment. We take comfort in the fact that our selection serves our immediate storage needs and favours the earth as well.

Safety and Security Features

In our experience, the Keter City storage box provides a secure place to store your garden necessities. One of its primary attributes is the durable construction of 96% recycled resin, which contributes not only to security but also environmental responsibility. Its robust and weatherproof body ensures all contents are kept dry at all times, guarding against rust and mould.

We found the wood effect panelled style isn’t just for looks – it reinforces the structure too. The effect is a safe haven for cushions, kids toys and tools alike. Despite its compact footprint, perfect for small balconies, it doesn’t sacrifice on safety features. The materials used resist fading even under frequent sun exposure, meaning it retains its integrity over time.

It’s always a relief to find low-maintenance solutions for outdoor storage, and with this box’s straightforward and quick assembly, we felt assured of its reliability from the get-go. And in the rare case that assistance is required, the dedicated customer service number is a testament to Keter’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product security. A two-year warranty backs this up, providing extra peace of mind.

Pros and Cons

Having spent some quality time with the Keter City storage box, we have gathered a clear picture of its advantages and disadvantages. It’s become a handy item for us to keep various outdoor essentials secured and neatly organised.


  • Capacity and Utilisation: The 113L space is surprisingly big for a compact box. It accommodates our gardening tools, cushions, and games with ease, all while keeping them ventilated and dry.
  • Assembly: Ready in a snap, it took us less than five minutes to click all the panels together. No tools, no fuss.
  • Weatherproof: We’ve observed that the box stands up well to the UK’s unpredictable weather – it’s both maintenance-free and fade-resistant thanks to the recycled resin material.
  • Aesthetics: Its wood panel effect is quite appealing, blending nicely with our outdoor setting. Importantly, this smart design does not sacrifice function for form.
  • Customer Service: Though not needed by us personally, it’s good to know that dedicated customer service is just a call away.


  • Durability Concerns: While sturdy enough for light to moderate use, we would be cautious about overloading the box or subjecting it to rough use due to its plastic build.
  • Size Limitation: Those with larger patios or more garden equipment might find the size of the box somewhat restrictive. It’s ideal for small balconies but may not meet the needs of someone with substantial storage requirements.
  • Material Quality: We appreciate the recycled content; however, some may desire a more robust plastic for peace of mind, especially if the box is to be used in a high-traffic area.
  • Price Fluctuations: We found it to be excellent value for money, but we’ve noticed price changes over time, which might affect the timing of your purchase.

In conclusion, our experience leans heavily on the positive, with the Keter City box catering to our storage needs adeptly without compromising the aesthetics of our outdoor space.

Customer Reviews

The Keter City Outdoor Storage Box has gathered a reputation for being a practical solution to outdoor clutter. We’ve found that one of the box’s main draws is its ease of assembly. Several users online before our purchase confirm they clicked the panels together in no time, without needing any tools. Its waterproofing is another highly praised feature, with many stating their belongings stayed dry despite the weather.

We noted that the size is generally considered appropriate for small balconies or gardens, where space saving is important. Users often use it for storing gardening tools, children’s toys, and even boots. The wood effect finish was commended for blending seamlessly with various outdoor settings, as well as it’s functionality.

However, some comments suggested the construction materials could be better. While the majority found it sturdy enough for their needs, a few voiced a wish for thicker plastic to enhance durability. It’s worth mentioning that the positive feedback heavily outweighs these minor critiques, and overall satisfaction with this product is reflected in the high average rating of 4.7 from over 13,000 reviews.


After thoroughly testing the Keter City storage box, we’ve found it stands up to its promise of providing a reliable, weather-resistant space for garden storage. The ease of assembly is a standout feature – no tools are needed and it clicks together in what feels like no time at all. While it’s compact, the storage capacity is impressive, it easily accommodates everything from garden tools to children’s toys.

On the downside, some of us felt the plastic could be more robust, but considering its price point, the overall build quality is satisfactory. The convenience of its portability and the neat, tidy design make it a great addition outdoors. It’s a good fit for small balcony spaces without overwhelming them.

The box’s water-tight seal reassures us that the contents stay dry, making it practical for storing items that need protection from the elements. 1 year down the line, its fade-free exterior still blends in nicely with our decking.

All things considered, the Keter City is an affordable, no-fuss solution to tidying up garden clutter. It’s a fine balance of function and form that doesn’t pinch the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our time with the storage box, we put together some common queries that potential buyers might have. We’re here to share first hand insights and provide clarity based on what we’ve experienced.

How does the Keter City 113L Outdoor Storage Box withstand various weather conditions?

We’ve found the storage box to be incredibly resilient against various weather conditions. Thanks to its weather-resistant resin material and wood effect finish, it has consistently stood up to heavy rain, strong sunlight, and even frost without showing signs of wear or leakage. Its contents have remained dry and well-protected, whether it faces drizzle or downpour.

What are the internal dimensions of the Keter City 113L Outdoor Storage Box?

The internal space measures 57.7 cm in length, 41.6 cm in width, and 51.6 cm in height. Our experience has shown that it comfortably accommodates an array of items, from garden tools to cushions, keeping them away from the elements.

Can the Keter City 113L Storage Box be locked for added security?

While the box itself doesn’t come with a lock, it features a design that allows for a padlock to be fitted. This means we can secure it if we feel the need to add an extra layer of safety to our stored belongings.

Is the assembly process of the Keter City 113L Outdoor Storage Box straightforward?

Indeed, assembly is a breeze. The panels snap together with a click – no tools required. It took us less than five minutes from unpacking to having a fully functional box on the balcony.

How much weight can the Keter City 113L Outdoor Storage Box support on its lid?

The box is quite sturdy, and while specific weight limits aren’t provided, our experience indicates that it can support an adult’s weight without issue. It works well as a temporary seat or a stand for potted plants.

Are there any maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the Keter City 113L Storage Box?

We recommend a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth to keep it looking fresh. It’s designed to be zero-maintenance, but clearing any debris off the lid and ensuring the channels where the lid fits aren’t blocked will ensure smooth operation and prevent water ingress.

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